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We recorded some of the best sounding drums in the industry from the amazing Franklin Drum Company. These packs consist of the Coke Bottle Acrylic drums, a copper snare, Sky Blue Mahogany drums, and a brass snare.  We also included multiple velocity WAV files and Slate Trigger presets and SPDSX files. Our main focus of this pack is capturing an amazing drum sound that can be accessible to anybody.


8 x 14 Copper Snare (Remo P77 Head with 42 strand snares) 

12 x 8 Acrylic Rack Tom (Remo coated emperor)

13 x 8 Acrylic Rack Tom 2 (Remo coated emperor)

16 x 16 Acrylic Floor Tom (Remo coated emperor)

22 x 14 Acrylic Kick (Remo P3 Clear)


6 x 14 Brass snare (Remo coated emperor)

12 x 7 Rack tom (Remo coated emperor)

13 x 8 Rack tom 2 (Remo coated emperor)

16 x 15 floor tom (Remo coated emperor)

20 x 13 Kick drum (Remo P3 coated)




Our vision behind this project is simplicity, quality, and accessibility. We want musicians and producers to have samples ready to use.

Who We Are

We are two drummers living in Dallas,Tx that share the same heart and vision for music. Since 2017 we have had the privilege of playing around the world with artists like, UPPERROOM, Christine D’Clario, Kari Jobe, Lilly Goodman, David & Nicole Binion, Cody Carnes and others. We started dreaming of how and what it would look like to share our sounds and give people the accessibility to have “ready to use” samples. That’s how and why we started PERCS.

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